Thursday, September 25, 2008

Book-spines turned into stories

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Wait, what?!

Watch these...

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and seriously try to convince me that she's qualified to be the second in line to be president of the united states of america. Seriously. She continues to boggle my mind every time I hear her open her mouth.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I hope people protest this post

I had a really long post written up, but stupid clipmarks barfed on it. Anyways, read the story, and if it makes you go "What the fuck?! Why would they do that?!" then you and I are on the same page
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Workers Protest To Get Their Ponderosa Paychecks

The Ponderosa restaurant shut down last week, after nearly a dozen other locations closed earlier this month. Dozens of North Olmsted employees were left without jobs and paychecks.
Boukzam said he tried to sell some of the restaurants, but the deals fell through last week and he had to close several locations, including North Olmsted and Elyria.

The workers held a protest demanding answers and their last paychecks from Boukzam.

"I have five children and my husband doesn't have a job. We live on that paycheck, and now nothing," said former employee Chand Heer.

"It makes me upset because I have a 5-month-old son and now I don't have a job," said former employee Arrianne Songer.

"I had to ask people for money so I could pay my cell phone today," said former employee Peter Weber.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I may have to buy this book

I'm an admitted addict to the LOLcats. If I ever decide to get a kitten, I will more than likely name it Kitteh, and talk to it every day in lolcat language. I would probably also end up trying to take LOLcat pictures of Kitteh and add my own captions. I'm not sure if I should be scared that the LOLcat phenomenon has gotten itself so firmly rooted in my brain that I still to this day laugh at almost every LOLcat picture I see or if I shud jus haf lotz of lulz n be happiez for the kitteh's! yay kitteh's!!!

The burger team is excited to announce our NAWT SECOND (#1) Book, “I Can Has Cheezburger? A Lolcat Colleckshun”. On stands October 7th, and available for pre-sale nao at these fine establishments!

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Monday, September 22, 2008

A trip through blog history..

I've been going through jennifer's blog lately, going back to her earliest posts. It's really interesting to look back on the things that at the time were significant, but now might not hold as much importance. and more interesting than that, finding the seemingly insignificant moments that ended up completely re-inventing the person she was and created the person that she is today. So I figured, why not go through my own blog and find some interesting moments that have happened. Join me :) *waves his hand in the air*

The Professional - June 2005 - This post is significant to me because of what I wrote in the body. That basically summarizes the relationship I had with Zak. I was also trying to make/keep him happy. I learned alot from my experiences with him, mostly about what kinds of people I do and don't want in my life.

TGIT - June 2005 - The apocalypse was basically somebody at work quitting. At this time, I couldn't handle changes like this. I would be wracked with anxiety. "How would we cope without so-and-so?? There's no way we'll be able to do what they did??" I had no clue what an apocalypse really was :)

life - August 2005 - This would be one of the first real tragedies since I started blogging. I still can to this day visualize myself the night of the fire. Standing in the cul-de-sac of their neighborhood, rain pouring down, firetrucks surrounding me, standing in inches of water, both from the rain and the firehoses, thunder crashing and lightning flashing, watching my sister's home and the majority of their belongings go up in smoke.

My Passion - August 2005 - 3 years later and I still don't have a passion. Not a good trend :)

Update in Four Parts - September 2005 - The significance of this post is the fact that my mom was in the psychiatric ward. This was one of those defining moments when you realize you're not a kid, and your parents aren't going to always be there to protect you from the world. My parents were my core, my rock, my foundation for so long, and this was one of the bigger cracks to that foundation.

Sick Day Post - October 2005 - heh. This is one of those times I really wish I had a time machine and could go back in time and change the past. But then I think that I wouldn't be the person I am today, had I not gone through the experiences with Kendra that I did. It's unfortunate that this was the beginning of the last 3-4 months of my father's life and I spent it getting myself wrapped up in a woman that didn't deserve my attention. C'est la vie. One of the biggest things I learned from Kendra was the fact that my biggest strength is also my biggest weakness. My willingness to make people happy can take on a life of its own if I'm not careful, and can lead me down the path where I put other people's happiness, health, and safety above my own.

Sunday Post - November 2005 - (editor's note: I was going to go through the whole blog in one post, but I've hit so many highlights in one year, that I'll break it up by year) The significance is this one is the work stuff. This was a period of time when I really had a problem with people saying I was wrong, or saying/doing things I thought were "stupid" I still have this problem, but I think I'm doing a little better in recognizing when it's rearing it's ugly head. But working at MIS has definitely given me the experience of working with difficult personalities. A big lesson I've learned that I need to focus more on is the fact that life will rarely go the way it should. Life is going to go the way it is, and we're going to just have to make the best out of it. We can't change people, unless they themselves want to change. And just because we think something's right in our head, doesn't necessarily MAKE us right.

I'm a mess - November 2005 - Man, you'd think I was hopped up on something the way I was acting back then. Love (or a convincing facsimile) can really fuck a guy up ;-)

Been a while - December 2005 - Things get hard with Kendra around here. Had I known what was in store for me the following month, I would've ended things much sooner.

Well, those are the highlights of 2005. Stay tuned for 2006, filled with the biggest tragedy I've suffered so far, plus hopefully a couple positive things mixed in for flavor :)