Saturday, October 18, 2008

Weight Watchers Day 1

Well, I attended my first weight watchers meeting today. I signed up for the monthly pass, and got weighed in at 347.2 lbs (I left my shoes on for convenience). My first goal is 10% which is 34 pounds or a weight of 313.2 . Honestly, I have no clue how long it'll take me to get down there. I don't even remember the last time I was that low. According to the book I got for my first meeting, my healthy weight is somewhere between 205 and 211 pounds. That's a whopping 140 lbs I need to lose. I have very strong doubts that I can pull that off. But it's one goal at a time, and right now, it's 34 lbs.

At first there were only about 5 other people there. But more stragglers came in over time. Not a very lively group, but the group leader Marcie seems like a really nice woman. She lost 65 pounds on the plan. The topic of discussion was discovery, related to columbus day. she had items for each letter of the word discovery for visualizing goals, etc. I'm not sure how much I'll take from the meetings, but I'm going to commit myself to going to them just for the fact that it forces me to weigh in and keeps me honest. After the meeting I stayed for the new member session, there were 5 other people there, but 3 of them had been members before, so there was only myself and an older gentleman who were really "new". We calculated our point allowances, my came out to be 47, but 44 is the maximum on the plan, so 44's my number. the main thing I learned is it's not so much trying to stay as far under your number as you can, but using your number as completely as you can. I need to eat 44 points worth of food. So as a result I've got my work cut out for me trying to find food to eat. I looked at a couple of cookbooks they had for sale, but they didn't really catch my eye. I did, however, buy a fancy digital scale that you can use to weigh items directly into points values, so I'm hoping that that will help me get a handle on those food items that don't match the online points tracker. I'm going to have to really start digging up some new foods to eat, which I knew was going to be the hardest part for me. The geek side of me likes the fact that I've got the digital scale, plus the mobile version of the ww site so I can track points and look things up on the go.

If anybody has any good recipes or cooking sites/recommendations, please send them on to me either in the comments or to my email. Any help I can get with food will be much appreciated.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Childrens' Hospital - Coming soon to!

I gotta make sure she's got the right type of arm guts in there!


I'm obese. It's a big, literal and figurative, problem. And it's something that I can't control on my own. I've tried, and failed. I am hereby admitting that I need help with it. I'm going to go to a Weight Watchers meeting this weekend. If it goes well, I'll commit to a month's worth of it. I will be as open to it as I can (control freak be damned). I'm blogging this to admit to it, and hopefully as a motivation to stay up with it. I'm going to do my best to blog about my progress.

Currently, as of this morning, I'm 6'4 and weigh 342 lbs. Last time I was at the doctor's office (last week), I was 345, and he said I needed to lose 100 lbs to start.

I'm medicated for high blood pressure, esophageal reflux disorder (acid reflux), heart rhythm, and sleep apnea (pills and cpap machine). Most, if not all, of these things should get better if I'm capable of losing that much weight.

I know I'm not very physically attractive at this weight. I know that there are women who have been discouraged/bothered by weight when I've met them. Losing the weight should help with my confidence and my physical attractiveness.

My father died from heart related problems. I don't want to die the same way.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

wow....this is disappointing

So...this guy had the supreme court deciding whether he was too morbidly obese to be executed. according to the article he's 5'7 and 267 pounds. So I looked up the bmi calculator and found that he's 41.8 I put in my stats, 6'5, 340 lbs, and my bmi is 40.3. I'm moridly obese enough that the supreme court would've debated whether or not I'm too fat to be executed.
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Inmate executed after Supreme Court rejects obese argument

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- An Ohio death row inmate was executed Tuesday after the Supreme Court rejected his last-minute plea that he was too overweight to be executed.

His lawyers have argued that the inmate-- at 5-foot-7 and 267 pounds -- is "morbidly obese," and has gained about 70 pounds since his incarceration at age 19. Prison food and confinement in his cell for 23 hours a day, limiting his opportunities for exercise, contributed to his weight problem, his legal team asserted in recent court filings.

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