Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Problems

This is an experiment.

  • Loneliness

    • Trouble meeting new people (see: Fear of Failure)

    • Trouble getting myself to go to new places (see: Boredom, Fear of Failure)

  • Weight/Health

    • Trouble consistently working out

      • Concerns about exercising in the evening (Past issues with insomnia and possible apnea. Resolved with CPAP now?)

      • Trouble consistently waking up early enough to workout before leaving for work

    • Trouble giving up unhealthy foods

      • Lack of Control - Giving up what I like to eat, being told my efforts are wrong/not of value

      • Fairness - Why do I have to work so hard when others don't? (see: Entitlement)

  • Entitlement

    • Feeling that I'm due a "good" life because I do/did what I'm "supposed" to do

  • Lack of Inner Peace

    • Cause of other items or Effect of other items?

    • Need other people around/involved to be happy. (see: Loneliness)

  • Boredom

    • Trouble getting myself to go to new places/do new things (see: Loneliness, Fear of Failure)

  • Fear of Failure

    • Makes trying new things difficult (see: Boredom, Loneliness)

will update as more comes to mind. After this, my next step is to identify rational vs. irrational items (majority should be irrational). After that, I'll identify what things I'm currently doing that are positives towards changing these problems. Along with the positives, I'll list what things I'm doing that are undermining my progress. Don't know where this is going, but it was something that came to mind and made sense. Putting it here on the blog, is just kind of a way for me to own up to them and admit what's going on.

anybody got a spare 800 bucks laying around?

I've got a camcorder, and I've used it a fair amount, but I've never been happy with the video quality. I hate how it looks like it clearly comes from a camcorder. I stumbled across this puppy one day though...

Canon VIXIA HV30

This little puppy records in High-Def which is a big plus, but the main selling point for me is it has something called 24p Cinema Mode, which records at 24 frames per second, which gives it more of a film-like characteristic. If my videos came out looking like this, I think I'd do much more "filming"

Long Walk Home from frankko on Vimeo.