Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Apartment Pictures

The Living Room: I've got two recliners, one I inherited from my great aunt after she passed, and the other I got new. It's got hidden compartments in the arms for holding remote controls and drinks and has built-in massagers and heat. And it's soft and comfy to boot! I'm currently using one of the storage bins I bought to move with as an end table. Once I get my couch in (sometimes after 9/14) I'll get some real end tables and a coffee table.

The Dining Room - Mom got this table for the basement, and had her 4 antique chairs around it, but when I moved out she gave me the table. I bought 4 chairs that surprisingly match it pretty decently. It's a nice table, and sturdy chairs. Will work well if I ever have anybody over for dinner.

The Kitchen - Good sized kitchen. The crock pot's not mine, it contained housewarming food from the Paridon's, and I've yet to get it back to them. In the corner of the counter is the appliance that will be used the most in my apartment, the Toaster Oven. Actually, it's a Convection oven, it can toast, bake, it can cook full-sized frozen pizzas. It's a handy little device, next to the Foreman Grill.

The Hallway - To the right of the Living Room. Kitchen is on the left, not in the view. The "Office" is the door on the right. Utility room is the first door on the left, Bathroom is the door after that, and Bedroom is at the end of the hall.

The Office - Full of unpacked boxes and empty bookshelves for the time being. Eventually I'll put a computer desk and chair in here and turn it into an office. The Office is towards the end of the to-do list.

The Utility Room - New washer and dryer, turns out to be the same control layout as my mom's so I don't have to learn a new set of controls :-P There's a laundry tub hidden by the washer.

The Bathroom - Note the toilet seat. Yes, this is a bachelor's apartment, thank you very much!

The Bedroom - Mom gave me her old bed and dresser. Lots of closet space, and a half bath which is currently housing the box from my new 40" tv from the living room.

So there you have it, that's my new apartment.