Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sunday post

Figured since I was sitting around waiting for the Browns game to start and for Kendra to call, I'd make a blog post.

What's been going on lately? Really the only thing going on in my life right now is Kendra. Been with her once a week for the past month now. Things are going very well. It's a strange feeling being in a relationship like this. It's so out of my norm for me to be doing this. We're going on a little getaway for thanksgiving, a wedding in medina. Rehearsal dinner friday night and wedding saturday night. We'll be staying in a hotel nearby for friday and saturday night. Should be a good time :)

Other than that, work still sucks balls. More stupid last minute decisions. Now I've been labeled insubordinate for being honest and telling someone had they been in the regular status meetings on a project they'd have a better understanding of what's going on with it rather than making us answer stupid questions for an hour to get them up to speed. I'd like to find a new job somewhere down south (akron/canton area). I'm being pulled that direction these days.

Family's doing well, sister's house has been demolished. Construction is due to begin shortly (hopefully before thanksgiving).

That's about it. Anyways, back to waiting for the game and Kendra ;-)