Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I appreciate...

  • that the weather has been beautiful this week.
  • the taste of a Robek's Strawnana Berry smoothie and a DiBella's turkey sub.
  • being able to get up in the morning, make my breakfast, watch the news, get showered and go to work.
  • being able to come home after work, make dinner, chat with friends online and channel surf
  • having full use of my mental and physical faculties.
  • my intelligence and my sense of humor.
  • my friends who care about me.
  • Jennifer, Dan, Rachel, Jen, Todd, Kathy, Scott, Garland, Denise, Jodi, Amy, Mike, Jennette, David, Sharon.
  • the fact that I can go to a store and buy most anything I feel like, without having to be concerned about paying my bills.
  • the fact that I'm not in debt.
  • that I'm respected at my job.
  • that I am very competent at what I do.
  • that I have freedom at my job to do things the way I see fit.
  • that I have a short drive to work.
  • that I have a nice apartment
  • that I have nice furniture
  • that I have a large collection of movies and video games
  • the fact that I can be 32 years old and still enjoy playing video games
  • the fact that I have the freedom to do what I want with my free time
  • a walk in Liberty Park, or the South Chagrin Reservation
  • all the parks and trails that we have throughout northeast ohio
  • my family
  • Mom, Caryn, Joe, Ben, Will, Molly, Connie, Don, Darlene, Andy, Barbara, Sam, DeNiece, Thelma, Cindy, Kay, Ralph, Craig, Carol, Katie, Annie, Grace, Victor, Cary
  • having a fan for when I feel hot
  • being able to drink clean cold water when I'm thirsty
  • having the foresight to be able to study myself and learn from my mistakes and grow as a person
  • having had a father for 30 years of my life

...More to come later

Update 3:16 pm

  • sending good morning emails to Jodi, Rachel, Denise, Jennifer, Scott and Garland
  • sending Time Check emails to Jodi
  • making Jennifer cry now and then
  • making Jennifer hard type
  • "therapy" emails/ims with Jennifer
  • hours-long phone conversations with Jen
  • acting random and goofy just because I can
  • having a blog where I can dump whatever thoughts are in my head
  • music
  • finding new music I've never heard before but really like
  • finding classic music I've never heard before but really like