Tuesday, July 12, 2005


full gut from ching chang chong, tunes blasting, SBC in z's durango, just watching the world go by before we go back to hell

Sunday, July 10, 2005

this weekend

wow. this weekend started off well with the hike. got some more blisters, gotta get some regular walking shoes in place of my hiking boots. Then things got weird saturday night. It looks like Tammy and I are going to just be friends, due to some circumstances. After talking with her for a while, I had trouble getting to sleep. Got up, made it in for rollout, which SUCKED. Seriously, why would we try to fuck with the load balancing on the XML servers on a rollout day. That networking bullshit needs to be on it's own day so it doesn't interfere and extend the regular rollout stuff. As always, networking did nothing wrong and it was all programmer's fault. Until it was proven that yes, networking screwed something up and it wasn't our fault. 'Bout an hour later I was finally able to test my ONE TASK for rollout. Ended up being the last one to leave. Stopped by Best Buy on the way home. Picked up the Transporter (saw the preview for Transporter 2 at Fantastic Four last night, looked really good), the Daily Show dvds (can't beat anything with Jon Stewart) and a new FM transmitter for my mp3 player. Came home and did laundry and watched The Transporter. Very good action/popcorn flick. Now I'm sitting here watching Family Guy (one of the BEST SHOW'S EVAR!!!) Doesn't feel like the weekend should be over. God I need a vacation soon, or I'm gonna really burn out.