Saturday, July 14, 2007

Why do the right thing?

Someone dumped a cat off in our neighborhood back before the winter. He started to hang around our house, we fed him, eventually brought him into the garage when the winters got really bad. Over time, my cat allergies never adapted to him, and my mom doesn't want another pet right now, so we're trying to do the right thing and give him the APL or Humane Society. But every one we've talked to so far keeps telling us they won't take him. Portage, Summit, Geauga counties all said no, and probably not for 2-3 months even, and this is after 3 weeks of making phone calls. So, the asshole that dropped him off and didn't care less gets away with their hands clean, and we're left to take care of the situation and for trying to do the right thing, we're paying for it. So, why do the right thing? If you say doing the right thing helps you sleep at night, guess what, it doesn't do me a lick of good anymore. I'm just getting really tired and fed up from having to put forth so much effort to do what's right, only to have some lazy asshole come along, cruise through, and give me more crap to try to make right. This doesn't mean I'm going to stop doing what's right, since it's burned into my dna for life, I'm just very frustrated right now. I realize that expecting to get anything for doing what's right is pointless, it just really irritates me when lazy/bad people have an easier time in life than those of us who give a damn.

bah humbug!

Don't mind me, just needed to vent, I'll be fine.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Jack Copac

Jack had to be put down Saturday morning. His liver had been failing, and his heart had gotten extremely weak. The vet suggested that he'd been throwing mini-strokes which had lead to dementia. He wasn't able to get up stairs, he was barely able to walk in general.

Jack was such a wonderful dog. He was in our family for close to 14 years. He was a gift to me when I was a senior in high school. He grew to become a family dog, though. He wasn't just mine. He and dad spent hours out working in the yard. He was very protective of his family and the household. His worst enemy was the "evil" UPS truck. Whenever he saw one drive down the street he would bark like crazy. He used to love jumping up on the back of the couch and watching the world go by. He'd also sit out on the deck and just smell the world.

He was an ornery son of a bitch too. He was very demanding of our time, and there were many times I yelled at him and told him to just leave me alone. I feel horrible for having yelled at him like that now, since I can't take those words back. He was just a dog for goodness' sake, he didn't know any better. I feel horrible for all the times he would bark at me for attention, and I would ignore him or yell at him.

Even though his last months/years were met with hardships and pain, I miss him so very very much right now. I miss the way he would incessantly (almost addictively) lick my legs when summer came around and I started to wear shorts. I miss how when I used to lay in bed on a sunday afternoon, and he had to be up on the bed with me, and laying across my chest. I miss throwing the ball across the living room and him fetching it. I miss how he would get a new squeaky toy and would play with them so much he'd break the squeaker. Whenever a guest would come over for a visit, if they were "good" people, he'd have to run and get a toy squeaking it incessantly, almost as a way of greeting them. I miss the different barks he had, and how I could tell just by the way he was barking what he wanted, whether it was food, a walk, or just attention.

It's quieter in the house now. Mom and I are able to do things we want to do for longer periods of time without him interrupting our plans. But it's not a good quiet, at least not yet. I miss you, Jackson. You be a good puppy up in heaven. Dad's waiting for you up there, you guys have alot of work to be done in the yard up there.