Tuesday, November 01, 2005



where to begin.

umm, yeah. got a txt from Kendra "Will u b my boyfriend?"

I responded with "Have you had too many drinks with dinner or are you for real? ;-)"

then after a half an hour phone conversation it was decided.

I've got a girlfriend.

Took me damn near 30 years, but I've got a girlfriend.

wow. I'm in a daze right now.

Is it saturday yet?

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Weekend's over

Let's see, what happened this weekend. Got my hairs cut on saturday. Hung out, played some Quake 4, and then got together with Kendra for dinner and dvds. Had a fabulous time. Met Billy and Mandy. Ate popcorn. Chatted till midnight when I felt like I had to go home or I would never leave. Maybe some night I won't leave.

Sunday, got up and did laundry. played some more Quake 4. Watched a little football. Go browns :-P Went over to Caryn and Joe's and passed out the trick or treat candy. Molly was Cinderella, Will was a nameless guy with a black mask that hid his face, and Ben was a mouseketeer...wait, that's musketeer, I keep mixing that up. Came home, helped mom make some pizza bread (otherwise known as a stromboli). It's very easy and very tasty. just take a roll of prepared pizza crust, the kind that comes in the tube, spread it out, put some sliced ham, some browned sausage, and some pepperoni down the center of the dough, top all that with shredded mozzarella. roll the sides of the dough over the top of your pile of toppings. spread some butter along the top, sprinkle some parmesan cheese and a little more shredded mozzarella. Make sure you seal both ends, then cut about 4 or 5 slides into the dough to let the steam escape. Bake it till brown, then cut it in thick slices. eat and enjoy!

So there you have it! A blog update AND a recipe to boot ;-)