Monday, December 12, 2005

Haven't posted for a while

Time really flies when you've got a life. Things between Kendra and I are going great. I love her very very much, and she loves me too. I'm going to marry her someday. Just a matter of when. We've had our bumps in the road so far, but hasn't stopped us from continuing on.

We went to the MIS christmas party last night. was an absolute blast of a time! didn't want to leave, but had to get home since we both had to be up in the morning.

I know my posts are boring anymore, but anybody still reading my blog will have to put up with it for a while. My primary focus in life right now is being the best man I can be for Kendra and making her as happy as I possibly can. Between that and work and still trying to keep up with family and friends, my life is extremely full right now. I haven't touched a video game in probably close to a month now. She's just so good for me, and I can't let it slip away for lack of trying.

Well, just wanted to give those couple people who read this thing a little update.