Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Charles Meets Barack

I like people like Charles. The world needs more people like him. Watching this video made me think about my grandparents and family elders. Made me think about how many I've lost. Grandma (Anna) and Grandpa (Frank) Copac, Grandma (Ruth) and Grandpa (Victor) Wise, Uncle Jerry, Aunt Rose, and of course Dad. I think about all the knowledge they had that I didn't get the chance to glean from them. I think about what it would be like to be able to hug them and sit with them and talk with them as an adult. Something I either never got the chance to do, or never did enough of with those I was able to. wow..this kinda went on a tangent.

Anyways, I like Charles. He's a good man. I'm happy for him :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Angus Third Pounder - I'm lovin heart failure!

Nutritional Values

Ok, I get it. Supply and Demand. Market-driven economies. Blah Blah Blah. I still think something like this should be illegal. I'm totally riffing right now and haven't thought any of this through, but the idea off the top of my head is that no single food product from a restaurant should contain more than 50% of the average DV of an average 2000 calorie diet from the major categories (calories, fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, and carbs) If you want to be a dumbass and by two or three of them, go for it. But by default everything listed on a menu should be in the less than 50% range for a single "serving"

Oh, and while I'm at it, nutritional values should be mandatory on all menus. Go through a fast food drive through, you get a nutritional value sheet in your bag with your Super-sized HeartClogger Combo. If you choose not to read it, so be it. Sit-down restaurant menus would have an extra page in the back that lists the nutritional values of everything contained in the menu. Disclaimers can obviously be included saying that the values are not exact due to variations in product, but it should be within the ballpark at least.

Take ignorance out of the equation. Be open and honest with your nutritional information. I'm wiling to be at least 75% of the general public wouldn't change a thing if these things were put in place, so companies can still profit off of making us sick. But for the 25% of us who are trying to say "No more!" it would be a helping hand.