Saturday, October 25, 2008

Weight Watchers Update - Week #2

Weight: 341.6 lbs
Lost: 5.6lbs (1.6% of original weight of 347.2lbs)

So far, so good! First week was very successful. Though I think my numbers might be skewed a little high since I woke up this morning with some "stomach difficulties" (note to self: Might want to stay away from fajitas with peppers and onions for the time being) But weight loss is weight loss at this point. I've stopped the upward crawl, and I'm working my way down. I'm pleased by my results both because I feel like I stayed "good" in terms of my eating, and that I was able to lose this much with only doing 20 minutes of moderate exercise on the exercise bike once this week. I'm going to try to ramp that up this week. I wanted to get more of the diet stuff situated to start with, since once I start to regularly work out, I'm going to be that much hungrier, and at risk to fall back to old habits.

So far, the diet changes haven't been too bad. Breakfast I haven't changed except to actually add some fruit. Lunch has been the biggest change for me. Going out every day is difficult to stay on task (thank god for chicken caesar salads with no dressing) We went to applebee's on monday for lunch and I ordered from the WW portion of the menu. One did the 2 meals and an appetizer for $20 just for himself (he didn't eat the fries for his two meals, just the fried shrimp from both so that makes it 'ok') and I got garlic chicken. I was tested right out of the gate, because everybody else got their food and mine was delayed. Guess people don't order the WW meals that much, but they've always got fries and other fried things ready and waiting :-P Anyways, the WW garlic chicken was nasty. The chicken was acceptable, but was covered in this weird garlic slime. The broccoli I choked down along with the roasted red potatos. Lunches are going to be tough, but I'll find a way through them. For snacks during the day I had apples, grapes, pears, and rice cakes. Never filled me up, but helped keep the wolves at bay, so to speak. Dinner I had the best luck with. Thank god for extra-lean ground beef and ground turkey. I made tacos twice and whole wheat rotini with healthy choice tomato sauce and meat. Those meals helped tell the wolves to step off and find somebody else to howl at. I need to find some more variety for dinner stuff to make. You just work all day and come home and you just don't feel like taking the time to prepare something. I look at single parents and how much stronger they are than me for being able to work, and still put dinner on the table for themselves and their kids.

So, back to the grocery store tomorrow to restock on my lean meats and fruit. I hope to find more variety for dinners, keep up the good choices at lunch, and sneak in some more exercise when I can. Maybe if I get really crazy I'll try more vegetables, but for now, lettuce and spinach leaves will have to suffice. (DEATH TO BABY CARROTS! BLECH!!) If I can keep losing 5 pounds a week I'll be as happy as a clam, but I'll take what I can get :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

"At least this time it was short and dry"

This...this right here is part of why I love It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My New Workout Regimine

Fuck kettlebells, fuck walking, fuck biking, fuck diets

this is my new workout routine. C'mon everybody..PONY!!!!!