Saturday, July 02, 2005

stupid treo

I had this big post all ready to submit, but the javascript on the page screwed up on the treo somehow. anyways, this is the saturday post for now.

Thursday, June 30, 2005


so, yeah. it's thursday night. one day left in the week. Unfortunately that day is the day of the apocalypse. Never really pegged the apocalypse to fall on a friday. Monday was a dead giveaway as being an apocalyptic day. I could even see Sunday. But Friday? never saw that coming. Combing through the post-apocalyptic ashes next week should prove to be an experience.

Anyways, at least I have the long weekend to look forward to and my date. Should be a good time. Getting a pretty good vibe with Tammy so far, but won't jinx it by predicting if things will go well or not saturday night. We're going to Olive Garden for dinner, and then walking around Legacy Village afterwards, for those nosy (that's namely for you, Jen).

Just realized I've had the PimpBerry2 for a week now, feels like I just got it yesterday. Ahh, sweet sweet, PimpBerry2. Where praytell have you been all my life?? Now to just use it more than surfing the web over lunch and sending emails back and forth to The Doors. Oh well, a wise man once told me "Sometimes you gotta live a little".

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


It's a dog's life

Somedays I wish I was a dog. Dog's usually have very few responsibilities. Sure some dogs guard things, others sniff for drugs, some race professionally. But for the most part, dogs don't have much to do. Get up, eat, check out the house, make sure all your toys are there, go back to sleep, rinse, lather, repeat. Sure being a dog's not all that great, you're screwed if your owner forgets to walk or feed you. But if you can get in a good home, life's pretty good as a dog.

The Professional

This man is my idol. Someday I hope to grow up to be remotely close to the level of professionality this man has.



Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Postin from the Treo

This is my first post from the new Treo. God I'm such a tech nerd. Why do I keep buying all this stuff? I'd be rich right now if I'd bought half as much stuff. Anyways, I gotta go read up on the new GPS units announced for the Treo. oooooh