Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fast Food Diatribe

me: how can wendy's advertise the baconator?
me: I just don't understand

g-door: LOLOL
g-door: why don't you understand it? LOL
me: how can that be legal??
me: it's so wrong
me: in any number of ways
g-door: LMAO
g-door: have you had one?
me: yet they can advertise it all they want
me: no, thakn god
me: I'd probably have a heart attack
g-door: it's not very good LOL
me: it doesn't look good with the fancy fake meat they use for the cmomercial
me: I can imagine the real "meat" can't look that good
g-door: yeah, it looks really nice in the picture....when you get's all smashed LOL
me: so, cigarette ads have to be regulated, alcohol as well. but digusting horrible for you fast food can be shown any time of day LOL
me: you know, it's like when the whole biggie-size, supersize trend came about
me: and then people got pissed off
me: and then they just changed the names
me: and everybody forgot
g-door: ahuh LOL
me: oh, ok, it's a large size
me: that's fine
me: didn't they have an extra-biggie for a while there too?
me: I think they did
g-door: yeah, I think so
g-door: mmmmmmmmmmm extra biggie lol
me: ROFL
me: I remembner the drink was gigundous and I couldn't believe how many fries they gave you
g-door: LOL
g-door: it was a lot lol
me: it's like those damn mcdonald's commercials during the olympics!
g-door: LOLOLOL
me: I want to be like a random generic supposed olympic athlete! I'll eat a piece of fried chicken on a greasy biscuit for breakfast! like they do!!!
g-door: LO
g-door: ok door!!!!!
g-door: what sport do you want to do?
me: at this point I'd be perfect for anything that involves struggling to get out of a chair and ending up winded after taking a shower. oh and anything that involves the destruction of furniture/seating due to excess weight

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