Saturday, July 09, 2005


just finished a 4 mile hike on the towpath. now me and the door's are at winking lizard in macedonia waiting for some food.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Friday morning

TGIF. no, seriously, *TG* it's friday. Rollout weekend unfortunately, so I'll be losing part of my weekend. but as long as I get to sleep in a little bit tomorrow morning, I'll be ok. Found an RSS reader for the Treo. looks pretty interesting so far. Finished Beyond Good & Evil last night,
good game, not horrendously deep, but fun nonetheless. I started Atelier Iris last night, I'm liking the alchemy idea, finding elements in objects all over the place. Should be a fun game. Anywho, gotta go get ready for work. *T* *G* *I* *F*!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

7000 song shuffle

I have approximately 7,000 songs on my mp3 player. Somedays I'll just select every song I have in, set it to shuffle, and see what pops up. Sometimes I find some good stuff I haven't heard for a while, other times I'll find things that I scratch my head and wonder why it's in there. From time to time, I'll keep track of what I listen to and post it here as a curiosity. Here's today's list...

audio\Pop\Ben Folds Five\Naked Baby Photos\14-Philosophy (live at De Melkweg, Amsterdam 3-18-97).mp3
audio\Pop\t.A.T.u\200 KMpH In The Wrong Lane\03-Show Me Love.mp3 audio\Classical\Bourne.Identity.1CD.2002.Soundtrack.[WmC]\14 - Jason Phones It In.mp3
audio\Classical\J. S. Bach - Guitar Transcriptions\01-Partita in A minor-Allemande (4m21s).ogg
audio\Hard Rock\Kid Rock\Devil Without A Cause\05-Roving Gangster (Rollin').mp3
audio\Hard Rock\Marilyn Manson\Lest We Forget (The Best Of)\11-Tourniquet.mp3
audio\Hard Rock\Godsmack\Faceless\03-Changes.mp3
audio\Pop\Spice Girls\(Spice Girls) Too Much.mp3
audio\Rap-Hip-Hop\Eminem\The Marshall Mathers LP\12-Ken Kaniff (Skit).mp3
audio\Other Rock\U2\All That You Can't Leave Behind\05-Kite.mp3
audio\Hard Rock\Sum 41\Chuck\12 - There's No Solution.mp3
audio\Other\FF8\16 Waltz For The Moon.mp3
audio\Soundtracks\Junya Nakano, Massashi Hamauzu & Nobuo U\FINAL FANTASY X (Original Soundtrack)\3-21 Suteki Da Ne (Isn't It Wonderfu.mp3
audio\Classical\Charlotte Church\Voice Of An Angel\07-Psalm 23.mp3
audio\Other Rock\Tori Amos\Strange Little Girl\09-I Don't Like Mondays.mp3
audio\Rap-Hip-Hop\Kirk Franklin & Nu Nation\God's Property\10 So Good.mp3
audio\tmoody-xp\Rock, Blues\Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye.mp3
audio\Hard Rock\Box Car Racer\Box Car Racer\09-Sorrow.mp3
audio\Pop\Jem\Finally Woken\05-24.mp3
audio\Rap-Hip-Hop\Kelis\Tasty\Trick Me.mp3
audio\Hard Rock\The Best Heavy Metal Album\CD2\11 - Motorhead & Girlschool - Please Don't Touch.mp3
audio\Rap-Hip-Hop\Rahzel, The Godfather of Noyze\Make the Music 2000\01 The Human Beatbox (Interlude).mp3
audio\Rap-Hip-Hop\Tonight\Daddy Yankee ft Pitbull - Gasolina (Remix).mp3
audio\Soundtracks\Command & Conquer\15-Target.mp3
audio\Hard Rock\Sum 41\All Killer No Filler\03-Never Wake Up.mp3
audio\Pop\Alanis Morissette\Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie\05-Sympathetic Character.mp3
audio\Other\FF8\15 Shuffle Or Boogie.mp3
audio\Hard Rock\Foo Fighters\One By One\02-Low.mp3
audio\Jazz\Benny Goodman\Greatest Hits\12-Tea For Two.mp3
audio\Pop\Norah Jones\Feels Like Home\01-Sunrise.mp3
audio\Hard Rock\Limp Bizkit\Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water\08-The One.mp3
audio\Classical\Vivaldi - The Four Seasons\06-Summer, III. Presto (2m52s).ogg
audio\Hard Rock\MTV - The Return Of The Rock\19-Dope _ Everything Sucks (Andy Wallace Remix).mp3
audio\Other Rock\Tori Amos\Strange Little Girl\12-Real Men.mp3
audio\Soundtracks\Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack\31-Squirming Evil.mp3
audio\Hard Rock\Fear Factory\Obsolete [Collector's Edition Bonus Tracks]\13 Soulwound [-].mp3
audio\Pop\Shakira\Laundry Service\04-Rules.mp3
audio\Other Rock\Soul Coughing\Lust in Phaze\06-Blueeyed Devil.mp3

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


*click the word "wow" above, it's a link*

Ok. I could see doing this flash to test some physics ideas or something. But a couple things strike me as weird about it.

A:) why is the figure falling through bubbles?
and most importantly B:) Why is the figure a woman in a black string bikini?

Anyways, I'm fascinated by this. If you click and hold your left mouse button, you can throw the figure around if "she" gets stuck.


I had a nice, relaxing, enjoyable three-day weekend, and I come back to this place and it only takes 4 hours for me to become unmotivated again.

Monday, July 04, 2005

The Big Date

So, it's monday night already. Where did the weekend go? Just seems like this morning I was writing a big post about it being saturday and now poof, it's monday night already.

Anyways, I'm tardy in writing about The Big Date saturday night (I don't date that much, hence the capitilization). The Big Date went about as good as I could've planned it. Dinner was great, we talked about alot of things. We have to go back again in order to get the calamari, though (Long story). After dinner at the Olive Garden, we got in my car and drove over to Legacy Village whilst listening to Gavin DeGraw (good CD, highly recommend the Stripped re-release). Once we got to Legacy Village we strolled through the streets, checked out a few shops, scoffed at the high priced items. There's a little "park" or grassy area in the middle of the village, and they had a stage setup, and a trio was playing some classic soft rock hits, some stuff from Simon and Garfunkel, etc. We found a little patio table outside the Haagen Dazs store, and proceeded to just relax, eat an ice cream cone (with a minor incident), and people watch. Like the woman who was really, REALLY having a good time with her ice cream cone, or the girl who sounded either like she was choking or was a mentally challenged person with turet's (turns out she was just laughing). We listened to the music for a while, then strolled back along the village, got back in the car and went back to the olive garden where we parted ways and both agreed that we needed to this again very soon.

So, the good vibe I'd gotten from chatting/talking on the phone with Tammy so far has translated to face-to-face, which is rare for me. But I don't think either of us has any expectations on where things will/may go. We'll just take things day by day and see where life decides to lead us. Best case, we were meant for each other. Worst case, we'll always have Legacy Village, Simon and Garfunkel and Haagen Dazs ice cream ;-)

For now, I'm relaxing, watching some fireworks on tv, and reading a good book (Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson). Trying not to think about rollout week at work and having to get the RamQuest project finished by friday. ah well, that's tomorrow concerns, not tonights.