Thursday, September 08, 2005

An update in four parts.

Family Update - so, let's see. mom went into the psych ward, but is home now and with medication (hopefully) straightned out. I'm still having headaches/pain in my head. going back to the doctor in a week or so if I still have them. I went last week, and he diagnosed them as tension for the time being, which made sense considering what all was going on in my life.

Hobby Update - I've started the Fall Hiking Spree with the 2 other Doors, G-doors mom, and G-door's sister. There's 13 trails in the Summit MetroParks to do and have a parks representative initial a form stating you did it. If you complete 8 of the 13 trails by the end of november you receive a badge and in our cases a hiking staff for being first year hikers. We completed two of the trails last weekend. G-door's mom has the whole thing scheduled out for us which trails we're doing which weekends. Our plan is to do all 13 trails.

I've put more pictures up on my Photo Blog as well.

Work update - I've officially applied for the second Software Architect position. My interview is Tuesday. I still don't know if I'm quite cut out for it, but I'm definately willing to give it a shot. I'm excited about the possibility. I think it'd be a good chance for me to do something other than just coding, and actually take a break from coding for once. It'd also give me some mobility when it comes to the next job. I'll be able to take the skills I learn from Zak as an SA and apply them most anywhere. So, I'm gonna study up on some UML and other things over the weekend, and just go in on Tuesday and tell it like it is. Worst case I keep doing what I'm doing now (ugh).

Dating update - dating scene has dried up. Which surprisingly is bugging me more than normal. This is the first real "drought" since I got back into the dating scene this year. Went years upon years without a date, but not having someone to be working on a relationship with is leaving a bigger hole than I expected it to. Match seems to have dried up for me, same with yahoo. So, we'll see what happens. Hopefully I can find someone to try again with soon.