Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sick Day Post

I'm home sick today. Not deathly ill like Zak is reportedly, but still ill enough to warrant a sick day in my mind.

So, what's new. still doing the hiking thing. Leaves are starting to change which is nice, but the weather's also changing which isn't quite as nice. 2 out of the last 3 hikes have been done in the pouring rain. hopefully there's another nice sunny but cool saturday coming up for one of the remaining hikes.

I've met someone, her name is Kendra. She's funny, sweet, and a great person to hang out with. And I've only gone out with her once so far, so that's a good start. I don't feel like blogging too much about her for some reason. Maybe cause I feel this one's special and I want to keep most of it to myself for now during these formative stages. Anyways, we talk and txt most every day now, going out again saturday. Can't predict anything, but that's the fun part ;-) All I know is that since saturday I've found it much easier to smile :)