Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Kitchen

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glittergirl said...

16:33 minutes????

ok, i'll make comments real time:

1:44 nice thermometer

don't you ever listen to music while you cook?

2:16 you don't understand the button. hehehehe....

2:58 you adjusted the angle. much better.

3:55 i do not get the rachel ray thing. boys like her. yuk.

dogs want out, brb

5:55 93% fat free, pre-processed, pre-prepared meat product.

lawry's kicks ass

side note- do you think eminem had some plastic surgery? not that i'm watching jimmy kimmell...

8:00 sizzle!

is this only 1/2 way through?

"i don't use a fancy timer, i just kind of go off the gut..." hahahaha!

10:25 dryed out chicken problems

"the toaster oven is handy"

11:00 where you cook chicken versus where you cook beef

11:17 i am finally mentioned. the naan flatbread is good!

12:00 "i'm a big cheese guy" and thoughts on cheese

nice zoom on the grill

13:10- why do you have to flip them if it's a 2 sided grill?

you should be a sandwich thin bread spokesperson

your giant eagle has a "specialized meat section"???

14:20 i like that you call it "burger night"

i am scanning the counter tops for signs of booze. i think i saw rum!

15:45 cleaning the grill how mom taught you, nice

16:08 are you grilling a paper towel? that's crazy.